What is to know about Bitcoin Mixing? How crypto currency can help you?

The closest thing to money laundering that you can get in the world of Bitcoin is mixers (or also called tumblers). These are services that are used to mix the funds of one person with those of others. But what is the intention to use Bitcoin mixer? It confuses the flow of that money and makes it lose track of it. In essence, when Bitcoin are mixed, the user is sending their money to an anonymous service that will then respond by sending the same amount but composed of cryptocurrencies that belonged to other users. In this way, the currencies of user A can be traced back to user B and those of the latter are traceable to user A. It increases the number of users involved in the operation and the result is that they follow the route to each other’s money It will become impossible.


There are many sites that offer this service and some of them offers self-proclaim the perfect mixer. Most of these sites have links visible in the normal web (which you access through search engines such as Google or Bing) and “reference points”, but to carry out a mix of Bitcoin it is necessary to resort to the Deep Web.It is there, in that space unknown to many, that transactions take place. The reason is obvious.

A site that is laundering large amounts of Bitcoin may not have a public domain that Google drops as a search result. That is why it becomes a valuable ally for those who need to wash their Bitcoin. Tor is an Internet search engine that has the power to ensure the anonymity of the individual who performs the search. With this, the user is free to explore the deep internet without being identified. This makes it an ideal way to access the Bitcoin mixers.

Bitcoin script

Another important point is that Bitcoin mixers still require users to have their computers’ JavaScript disabled. This, as many know, is a programming language that allows browsers to present elaborate and dynamic interface web pages. But in exchange, it sacrifices the security of communications on the Internet and allows malicious attacks.

Conclusion: The Bitcoin wallets In addition to using Tor as a search engine, users tend to create several Bitcoin portfolios both on the web and through Tor. The first can be created in the Blockchain.info service and would be public portfolios, “legal” and with which the user could buy Bitcoin in highly researched sites. On the other hand, the second ones would be those portfolios that no one can know who their real possessor is and they are created frequently in sites of the Deep Internet.

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