Why Gift Cards are the Worst Gifts

There is a perception that a gift card is a last-resort option for anyone who doesn’t have enough time to buy an actual gift or isn’t sure what gift he/she should give to their loved ones. Not many among us would disagree with it because at some point in our lives we have opted for gift cards…right?

But why gift cards are the worst gifts to give for any occasion? So, here are a few reasons that’ll explain why it is not recommended to give a gift card to your friends or family. It is important to understand that the purpose of this article is not to discourage the use of gift cards; it is about letting you know why it isn’t the last option.

Reasons Why Gift Cards Make Terrible Gifts

  • Gift cards Cannot be Used Everywhere

You can think of gift cards as money, expect less useful. It is because money can be used anywhere, but gift cards can only be used in some specific stores. This means that there is not much convenience as he/she will be bound to shop from a few specific stores.

  • They Come With an Expiry Date

Yes, you’ve read it right. Believe it or not, there are many companies who have the guts to put an expiry date on gift cards (seriously, on gift cards?). Given the fact that the gift card is a more restricted form of money and is less valuable, it becomes completely useless after some months. In a nutshell, you trade your more valuable money for less valuable money that ultimately expires after 1-2 years.

  • You are Unintentionally Forcing Your Family and Friends to Spend More

Most gift cards do not have too much monetary value. This means that the worth of the gift card isn’t much at some fancy outlet. As a result of it, your family member or friend has to spend more to make that card of any use. How thoughtful of you!

  • A Gift Card Gives A Wrong Impression

Instead of saying that “Oh, I didn’t know what gift to give and that’s why I am giving you this gift card,” you choose the next worse option of giving the card without admitting to your defeat. The reason why it is a defeat is that you couldn’t come up with a single present that depicted your efforts in searching for the best gift (these words might be harsh but they are true).

  • Most times, Gift Cards are not Used at All

Imagine giving a dog house to someone who doesn’t own a dog. You can be optimistic that your friend might have a dog in the future, but as long as he doesn’t have one, that dog house is completely useless. According to the survey, almost 60% of people are unable to use gift cards due to unavailability of time. So, think twice before sending a gift card!

The Bottom Line for You

Instead of saving your time and money by giving gift cards to your friends and family, it is best to invest in something that the other person can use or remember for a time. Needless to say, gift cards are quite overrated and less important. If you want to make any occasion memorable for close people in your life, skip the part of giving them gift cards and opt for actual gifts – they are more useful and valuable.

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